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Ace Carpet Cleaning in the Scottish Borders
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Advanced Cleaning Technology

At Ace Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our advanced very low moisture cleaning method: the number one choice to clean carpets, upholstery, tile and grout.  This process is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly and leaves zero residue.


Traditional carpet cleaners use soaps and detergents, and this process leaves a toxic residue behind that acts like a dirt magnet making spots and traffic lanes reappear. Our superior encapsulent formula provides a higher level of clean without the risk of damaging your carpet or having stains reappear.


Our method results in very fast drying times while providing a superior clean to traditional hot water extration methods, leaving your carpet cleaner for longer.



At Ace Carpet Cleaning, we have a very straight forward pricing policy.  Prices are based on an average room size and we do not charge any hidden fees.


We will never try to upsell you services that you do not want or need.



Spot removal, stain removal and carpet protecting treatment (ScotchGuard) is included with every service.

£29 per room

Why Us?

Why Us?

• Very fast drying times of less than 30 minutes

Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

No damage to furniture or wall skirting

• No residue left on carpet

• Ace Carpet Cleaning provides a high quality, professional service


• Your satisfaction is our highest priority


• If you have any queries regarding our methods, please do not hesitate to ask.

• Our method gives a superior “deep down” clean


No carpet shrinkage


• Leaves your carpet smelling clean and fresh


• Advanced anti-resoiling properties – no wicking and no mould growth



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